Speed Test Ookla

Speed Test Ookla

Today in this important article I will tell you about Speed Test Ookla and that too step by step. So let’s know how we do wifi speed test ookla .

Before doing  speed test ookla ,  let us know what internet is ?

What is internet ?

First of all you should know that what is internet . because if you don’t know about the real meaning of it , then you can not be able to understand the concept of internet speed test . 

In simple words ,we can say internet sometimes NET and the definition should be , a worldwide system of the computer networks .(the network can be in your pc ,laptops , or smartphones etc.) 

we can say that with internet we can do anything possible from our phone without going outside or from our home .It was originated by (ARPA) advanced research project agency in 1969 by the US government .and it was designed to talk from one computer to another in different universities.

But nowadays it is a part of our daily life .Hundreds of million people are using it for their uses , like for business purposes and for their entertainment too .It is kinda social part now . 

The greatest use of the internet nowadays is online shopping or online jobs because everything is becoming digital in our daily life routine.

What is internet



The two major components of the internet that does the main participation in the working of the internet are Network protocol and Hardware .

(TCP/IP) are the protocols ,which cause the translation of the alphabetic texts into signals that can be transmitted to the another device (( or over the internet)and then reconverted into the alphabetic one . 

Hardware is used to access the  internet including from smartphones or from the pc as they carry information (via cables) from one to another device .



 In a simple way , we can say that Internet speed is the speed of your data or content that travels from www to your device . like, (your computer , your smartphones ,or your laptops etc).

or we can say the internet speed is the speed of your networks that runs your device connections . 

Most of the uses of the internet are more likely to be online because , nowadays , online shopping , online payment is also run by the internet and a good internet speed is also required for the running up of the above requirements . so , Internet user must have a good internet speed . 



The speed of the internet is measured in Megabitsper second or mbps. And secondly , it is also measured in  Kilobits per second or kbps .

The measurement of one megabits is equal to 1024 kilobits .That means , if we have 1 Megabits per second  speed than it is 1000 times more than 1 Kilobits per second speed of the data . 

If the speed of the data is high  or a high speed data  is also called broadband . We can understand it as , , for broadband , the up;oad speed should be at least 200-250 kbps and download speed should be atleast 768-69 . 

so if you have these speed limits then your internet speed is in the broadband zone.and that is a high speed 

Now you must know //-



It can be explained as the speed at which your content or the digital data is transferred to the internet from your device . It is also measured in kbps or mbps .


It can also   be explained as the speed at which the digital data or the content from the internet is transferred  to your device or downloaded to your device. It is also measured in kbps or in mbps . 

Broadband internet or the high speed data for your device is provided by the internet service provider (ISP) or the cable provider . 


Mbps is the unit of the speed of the internet .It is like the other units of measurement . The internet speed is measured in mbps. And the small unit of the internet kbps (kilobits per second ) .


The good internet speed refers to the speed of your internet that meet up your all data requirement for the running of all the applications of your device or for the uploading or downloading speed etc. 

many apps in our mobile phones or in our computer takes high speed data or require high speed internet for their good quality performance .so , it is required to have good speed of internet .

Before selecting an speed internet or the internet service provider ,you should know that , for what purpose you are owning this network. 

Like you are owning this network for business purposes or you are a blogger or you need it in you tube or just want to scroll out to the social media or just want chats and funtime with friends etc .

So, first of all you have to think about it , before you decide to take the isp.or internet connection because you just find out that it can fulfil your high speed data requirement or not  .

Like if you’re getting any  internet connection for your business purpose  so you must choose a high speed data providing connection so you  can easily put your work first and without any error .

So, take a few minutes and think about all the above factors before choosing an internet service provider or the internet connection. To know good internet speed, it is important to do oklahoma speed test .



There are many factors that affect the speed of your internet .or the network of your device //-


If you are using your device and you are at a trafficked website or we can say that you are at a website that has so many people visiting it , your network connection may slow down because of the overlapping of the network connections , or the rays .


Many researchers say that it is the main factor that affects the speed of the internet most .Data transfer technology is the technology that is used for the transfer of data to people’s devices .

The speed manly depend on the type of the internet connection that you are using right now .for example,that you are using 3G wireless or 4G wireless, or you are using DSL or satellite   networks etc. The type of connection causes a large difference in the field of internet speed .


 People may use other devices like many of the devices are connected with one connection ,so a bad internet speed because of the collision of networks and the network slows down .


Location is the other factor of your speed or the internet speed . If you change your location then it can cause a large difference in your internet speed . and your device network speed may slow down . 



An internet speed is a test that provides you the best experience of checking your internet speedookla speed test india is good tool for speed test .

 This test can measure the speed of your data uploading and downloading and many other processes related to the internet in your device .The internet speed test Free is becoming very important nowadays .

An internet speed test measures the upload speed , download speed , and the ping speed too, of your device . Check Your Internet Speed with Ease – our Free Tool speed test ookla .

The internet speed test is important , you must know the speed of your internet network  that you are using right now in order to know that your isp is providing you the high speed internet connection that it guarantees  , to provide it to you or not . 

So by internet speed test you can measure the speed of your data . It is mandatory to have a good quality network , because everything is converted into digital ways. 

So there is a great need for high speed internet connection for our purposes. In order to check that if your ISP is providing you with good quality networks or not, the speed ookla test is a great and helpful thing that can help you to find out the real speed of your internet in just few minutes .


A question arises: where and how can we test our internet speed  by ookla speed test upload ?

So you just have to go to  www.Internetspeedtestfree.com , and many websites are there which can help you to check your internet speed . 

So when you open the website then a wheel type meter pops up on the page . Then  you see a START button just below the meter . As soon as you tap on the START button , the processing is getting started . and your internet netspeed by ookla is measured in just a few minutes .  from here you can check ookla speed check.

I hope this article helps you a lot in getting information about the internet and its speed measures and tests also. 


How to Do Internet Speed Test Ookla

Open the website by clicking on our website given below

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Open our speed test website and click on the ‘Start’ button. Clicking on start button will start your internet speed test, here your speed test will also measure your download and upload speed and ping, results will be displayed in Mbps or Kbps. With this you can easily know your internet speed.

How to Do Internet Speed Test Ookla ?

You can do the best internet speed test from this given website, open the website by clicking on our website given below

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Open our speed test website and click on the ‘Start’ button. Clicking on start button will start your internet speed test, here your speed test will also measure your download and upload speed and ping, results will be displayed in Mbps or Kbps. With this you can easily know your internet speed.

Conclusion :

In this important article Speed Test ookla , I have given you complete information about how to do ookla speed test 5g easily.

By following the tips given above, you can  easily test internet speed .